The Harmful Effects Of Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are sold at any gym on a daily basis. These energy drinks are known to give its user an extra boost to give energy and help extend workout. Recent studies have shown that energy drinks might pose a problem to us than we would have thought it would.
In a study done by an Australian medical team, thirty young adults were subjected to an experiment meant to test the effects of caffeine and energy drinks on the human circulatory system.

The volunteers were tested with one can of sugar free Red Bull and their blood was tested one hour before the test and an hour after the test. The result showed that one hour after they drank the energy drink their blood systems were above normal. The results showed like that of a person having a cardiovascular disease or a person suffering from a heart attack. Researchers highly disapprove of people who have high blood pressure or any other forms of cardiovascular disease to ingest energy drinks since it has been found out that energy drinks and its contents aggravates the blood pressure and elevates the heart rate.
These stimulant drinks have been banned in Norway, Uruguay, and Denmark for their derogatory effects to the human health. There has been an incident concerning an Irish student who drank 3 cans of Red Bull after a series of workouts and died. 3 more people died in Sweden in 2001 right after drinking energy drink with alcohol. After that incident, the product was reviewed. There was also a report in BBC Northern Ireland about some guidelines when consuming an energy drink. The Food Safety Protection Board or the FSPB sponsored the report for everyone’s protection.
Some of these recommendations include:

  • Children below 16 years of age are not allowed to drink such beverages.
  • Caution should be applied when drinking together with other stimulant drinks or alcohol.
  • Energy drinks should not be consumed during a workout session or in any sports event.
  • They are to be classified together with certain beverages that have high caffeine content.

There are a lot of substitute drinks for these stimulants. Green tea and ginseng are just an example. So, the next you are faced with a dilemma on whether you would drink an energy drink or not – the answer is quite simple. It is a NO.

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