Welcome To Get Rid Of Caffeine!

Welcome to Get Rid Of Caffeine.

My name is Chrisi Brand and it is my pleasure and intention to share with you the best information on caffeine dependence and caffeine addiction, as well as the best tips on how to “kick the caffeine” habit so you can quit caffeine for good and live a happier and healthier life instead.

I’ve decided to put this site together because I saw that there was a lack of good information out there and after I suffered from a strong caffeine addiction myself it took me quite a while to “get rid of caffeine”, but eventually it did work.

Ever since I wanted to have a place for people with the same interest and problem to help them – YOU – more effectively with quitting caffeine and building understanding and clarity about the real effects that caffeine can have on its consumers.

I invite you to subscribe to my free newsletter where you will get the best tips and updates on caffeine addiction and how to quit. Also be sure to check the link to my ebook “Get Rid Of Caffeine & Have More Energy Instead” for a total step-by-step guide that will help you quit caffeine fast and effectively, without withdrawal symptoms or setbacks.

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Chrisi Brand

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