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Caffeine Can Be Found Everywhere

Wednesday, August 26th

Dear Friend,

I am very thankful and happy about all the positive and active input and feedback I am getting from this block. It really motivates me that many people are getting value out of the blog that we are putting together – not only the comments, but also a good number of e-mails that I have received from readers.

Thanks to all of you!

Today I don’t have an entire article that I want to share with you, but I have a very important point to make nonetheless.

Some people are irritated that we almost always (and exclusively) talk about coffee when we talk about drinking caffeine and caffeine addiction.

To those of you that might have wondered, why we keep on mentioning coffee all the time: that is because most studies show that coffee is by large the most commonly used source of caffeine for most people out there.

But of course: the information that we are sharing applies equally to other sources of caffeine (like Energy Drinks, Sodas, chocolate…).

A great number of other people get their daily “caffeine dose” from sources like this:
- Energy Drinks
- Sodas
- Chocolate or candy bars
- Caffeine Pills

Caffeine pills are an especially fascinating topic to me since they have not been around for too long but are growingly becoming more and more important and common among adults – especially young adults like college students.

Just for clarification – the point we are trying to make here is that caffeine addiction is bad, no matter what your primary source of caffeine may be.

Not only that, I also believe in the idea that caffeine is generally bad. That does not mean that we need to quit entirely or that caffeine is a big evil out there if it is taken in moderation. But I don’t want to endorse the view either, that caffeine “is not harmful”.

Caffeine in small dose simply does not harm you as much, but just because you don’t drink too much of it doesn’t make it any better. It just means that you don’t suffer from as many of the negative effects than you would suffer from if you drank more of it.

Truth is however, if you are seriously reading this blog, then I am quite sure that you probably consume more than “a little caffeine” and its time we acknowledge this. Don’t worry if you are at this point at the moment.

You are taking active steps and searching information on how to quit your dependence and that is a great and important step to take. You are already closer to quitting caffeine (as far as you want) than most people will ever be who talk about it, but never do anything about it.

Once again, I am honoured and thankful to have you as a reader of my blog and my commitment is to keep on sharing with you the best articles, information and lessons that are being made on caffeine addiction and around caffeine in general.

Best Regards

Chrisi Brand