Caffeine Contents Of Beverages And Drinks

Here is a list of how much caffeine you can find in the most popular and common beverages and drinks. How much caffeine is in coffee, espresso or Red Bull? Find it below.

Name Ounces Caffeine (mg) mg/oz
Afri Cola 12 89 7.42
Chocolate Milk 8 5 0.62
Coca Cola 12 34.5 2.83
Coca Cola Zero  12 34.5 2.83
Coffee (Brewed)  8 107.5 13.44
Coffee (Decaf, Brewed)  8 5.6 0.70
Coffee (Decaf, Instant)  8 2.5 0.31
Coffee (Drip) 8 145 18.12
Coffee (Espresso) 1.5 77 51.33
Coffee (Instant) 8 57 7.12
Diet Coke 12 45 3.75
Lipton Iced Teas 20 50; 2.50
Nestea Iced Tea 20 50 2.50
Pepsi Cola 12 38 3.17
Red Bull 8.3 80 9.64

4 Responses to “Caffeine Contents Of Beverages And Drinks”

  1. Joanna Lundford says:

    Yeah, even Decaf coffee contains caffeine. But its much less than normal coffee, so I guess that decaf is still a good way to go for people like me who love the taste of coffee too much to give it up entirely.

  2. Lance Ilya says:

    Yes, Decaf is actually a good alternative if you can’t stop the taste of coffee. It’s the same for me; though I’m not sure that decaf tastes as good as normal coffee I’ll give it a try cause I need to ct down on my caffine intake.

  3. chrisibrand says:

    Unfortunately decaffed coffee still contains a bit of caffeine because it is simply not able to have a process that completely rids the coffee beans of every little bit of caffeine. If you compare it though, decaf has only about 2-3% of the caffeine dose that a normal coffee contains.
    So I strongly suggest you try decaf instead of the normal coffee if you really have to go with the coffee taste.
    My experience is however, if you quit coffee for some time, you won’t really miss the taste because you won’t like it anymore.

    Good luck and let us know what happens!

  4. JEREMIAH says:

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